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Accessibility Assistance:

Fans can request assistance in person by seeking out the nearest Polar Park staff member.

Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs):

Assisted Listening Devices are available to fans who may have hearing or visual impairments. The ALDs are available at Country Bank Fan Services located on the concourse behind WonderBar Pizza. ALDs are free to use with either a license or ID as collateral.

Accessible Parking:

There are a limited number of designated accessible parking spaces located near Polar Park. Many of these spaces are located on Madison St. and on game days Green Island Blvd. becomes accessible parking. There are several independently operated parking lots located in the neighborhood surrounding Polar Park that offer paid accessible spaces. For more information about Polar Park parking options, please visit

Accessible Restrooms:

Accessible stalls are available in every restroom located in Polar Park.

There are also multiple Family Restrooms, spacious bathrooms equipped with baby-changing stations, located around the ballpark as well. These can be found in the following locations:

  • (2) on the DCU Suite Level next to Suite 20
  • (1) in the DCU Club
  • (1) in Country Bank Fan Services
  • (1) on the Concourse near Section 2
  • (1) on the Concourse near Section 10
  • (1) at the Worcester Wall
  • (1) at the Plymouth Street Playground

Accessible Seating:

Accessible Seating on the main concourse is located at the top of Sections 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Accessible Seating on the Worcester Wall is located at the top of section 101. Accessible Seating in the DCU Club Level is located at the top of section 202.



All concession locations are accessible. Guests are welcome to speak to any uniformed staff member for additional assistance.


Dietary or Allergy Restrictions:

Guests are allowed to bring special dietary food/beverage to the ballpark. Alcohol in any form is not allowed. Gluten-Free, Strict Kosher, and Vegan options are available. The University Dental Group Berm is a Peanut Free area. There are many allergy-friendly menu options, for the full list of ingredients click here. Binders with a full list of ingredients are available at each concession stand.

Dogs in Polar Park

Gate C is the designated relief area for when dogs are allowed into Polar Park.

Drop off/Pick up areas:

All four entry/exit gates are accessible, and fans are free to enter any gate with any ticket. Tickets will state the nearest Gate to your seat.



Elevators are located at Gate D and in close proximity to Gate C.

Gate C has one elevator that provides access to wheelchair spaces on the Worcester Wall, Shaw’s WooSox Bullpen. Gate D has 2 elevators available that provide access to wheelchair spaces and seats located on the Main Concourse and DCU Club.

Entry and carry in policy:

All five entry/exit gates are accessible, and fans are free to enter any gate with any ticket.

Polar Park has a wide variety of food and beverage options, and we invite all fans to partake in our diverse menu. Outside food and beverages may not be brought into Polar Park. Exceptions will be made when necessary for fans with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Please visit our fan guide for a more detailed carry-in policy.


First Aid:

The First Aid Station is staffed by the City of Worcester EMTs. Fans with injuries can receive emergency treatment at First Aid in Fan Services located on the main concourse level near section 14. Defibrillators are located at:

  • 1st Floor - Ground Level
  • Visiting Dugout Hallway
  • WooSox Dugout
  • Gate D Elevator
  • 2nd Floor - Concourse Level
  • Nacho Nacho Man
  • Infield Fry
  • First Aid Room in Country Bank Fan Services
  • 3rd Floor - DCU Level
  • DCU Club Level Elevator
  • Harpoon Tap Concessionaire

Field Access:

Fans that require field access can request the assistance of a Polar Park Staff Usher to bring them down to the field.


Nursing Rooms: Nursing mothers are welcome to our Nursing Rooms located at the Country Bank Fan Services Center on the main concourse and behind suite 20 on the DCU Club Level. The Nursing Room can be locked from the inside and is equipped with an electrical outlet, a lounge chair, a side table, a trash can, and a television.


Restrooms/Family Restrooms:

There are accessible restrooms servicing all accessible seating areas. There are also family restrooms available at:

  • The Country Bank Fan Services located near Section 14 on the concourse
  • Behind Sections 2 and 11 on the main concourse.
  • In the Kids Zone area.
  • Behind Section 206 and suite 19 on the DCU Club Level.
  • Behind Section 101 of the Worcester Wall.


Service Animals:

Fans with Service Animals can enter through any gate. There is no designated pet relief area within Polar Park however fans with Service Animals may exit and re-enter the park at Gate C.

Security Text Line:

Fans are encouraged to send a text message to our Security text line at 508-300-9001, with any concerns. Message and data rates may apply.

Sensory Friendly Room Presented by Venture Community Services: Polar Park strives to foster a culture of inclusion for WooSox fans. The innovative Sensory Friendly Room presented by Venture Community Services offers a warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment, all free of charge, for fans with Autism and others seeking a respite or sensory reduction. The room is in the Country Bank Fan Services Center and is equipped with flexible seating, sensory gadgets and technology, dim lighting, and other amenities. We encourage and invite guests to visit the Country Bank Fan Services Center to see the sensory features available.


All private suites on the DCU Club Level are accessible with accessible restrooms nearby.



Fans in need of Accessible seating accommodations can call (508) 500-8888 to purchase tickets or stop by the WooSox Ticket Office in person located at 100 Madison St, Worcester, 01608. The Ticket Office is open Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM. The price levels for ADA accessible seating are equivalent to the prices for corresponding general ticket prices. Ticket and pricing information may be found in the Seating and Pricing section of



WooSox team members are available to provide wheelchair escort services to and from any seating area. Wheelchairs are only available for the purpose of transportation of fans to and from their seating location. Fans who require the use of a wheelchair for the duration of a game are welcome and encouraged to bring their own wheelchair.