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Join The Team

Over 125 local companies have joined the Blue Wahoos team as a corporate partner and you could be next! Check out the opportunities below to see how we can help your business reach new potential customers throughout the year at Blue Wahoos Stadium!

Fast Facts

Over 280,000 fans attended a Blue Wahoos game during the 2022 season.

Blue Wahoos games are broadcast to millions of homes nationally and locally on TV, radio, internet, and mobile.

Per Game
Pensacola averaged over 4,200 fans per game in 2022!

Social Media
Blue Wahoos social media posts were viewed over 24 million times in 2022, up from 8.7 million in 2018.

Year-Round Exposure
Blue Wahoos Stadium hosts over 250 events annually, offering year-round exposure to our corporate partners!

Community Partner
Blue Wahoos players and staff made over 100 appearances in the local community during the season.

Partner Opportunities

After browsing the partnership opportunities below, visit this link to find even more ways your business can gain visibility and attract customers in our community through a partnership wtih the Blue Wahoos!


Stadium Naming Rights

Ensure maximum exposure and visibility for your business by securing the naming rights for Blue Wahoos Stadium.

Main Gate Signage

Be visible to every fan who enters Blue Wahoos Stadium as well as hundreds of thousands who pass through Community Maritime Park each year.

Party Deck Naming Rights

Join the party by naming one of the three exceedingly popular party decks at Blue Wahoos Stadium and branding it with your custom design.

Auxiliary Scoreboard Signage

Visibility in the highest-traffic area of the stadium, surrounding our auxiliary scoreboard directly behind home plate and above the Bait & Tackle Shop.

Bullpen Signage

Visible to all fans in the ballpark and on TV broadcasts, promote your business along the bullpen walls on both the first and third baseline.

Batter's Eye Signage

Preside over the action on the field by placing your branding on top of the batter's eye and hold a prominant spot in the stadium's famed water views.

Dugout Top Signage

Have baseball's top prospects emerge from your dugout each night at Blue Wahoos Stadium with branded dugout top signage.

Cup Holder Signage


Game Sponsorship

Make an entire night at the ballpark yours with pre-game promotion, a first pitch, an in-game interview, a fireworks show, and more.

Stadium Giveaway

Send fans home with a keepsake with your logo through a branded stadium giveaway item and receive multi-platform promotion.

In-Game Contest

Connect directly with fans at Blue Wahoos Stadium with an entertaining between-innings contest themed to your business.

Game Action Promo

Get in on the action directly by making a specific moment of the game yours. Example: "That double play brought to you by (your business!)"

Player Headshots

Display your branding alongside each player's headshot on the videoboard, the main source of information for fans throughout the season.

Street Team Uniforms

Making over 100 appearances annually, the Street Team is the center of attention at every Blue Wahoos game, connecting with each guest.

Video Board Commercial

Show your :15 or :30 second commercial before, during, or after Blue Wahoos games to 300,000+ fans annually.

Table Date

Enjoy an evening at the ballpark, meet fans directly, and distribute your promotional materials in person at Blue Wahoos game.


Broadcast Spot

Reach millions of homes locally and nationwide by featuring your commercial, graphic, logo, or audio on Blue Wahoos TV or radio broadcasts.

Program Advertising

With an annual print run of 100,000 magazines, the Blue Wahoos Program is distributed free to fans and has 1/4, 1/2, and full-page ad spaces.

Military Hero of the Month

Join the Blue Wahoos in honoring our local military heroes by sponsoring the Military Hero of the Month in the program and on social media.

Ticket Back

Place your ad on the back of our tickets and reach over 300,000 fans while creating an easily redeemable coupon to attract customers.

Ticket Envelope

Have all in-person ticket orders at Blue Wahoos Stadium delivered to fans in your envelope with a custom ad for your business inside!

Social Media

Tap into one of Minor League Baseball's fastest growing and most-engaged-with social media presences with branded content.

First Game Certificates

Create a lasting memory for first-time fans and connect with new potential customers by placing your logo on our popular First Game Certificates.


Have our staff provide fans with your coupon, brochure, or product sample as they enter or exit the ballaprk.

Find many more ways to join the Blue Wahoos partner family and reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers by clicking here for our full corporate partner inventory.

Contact Our Team:

Our dedicated corporate partners team will help your business find the most effective ways to reach the most potential customers through a unique partnership package designed specially for your company!

Reach Us By Phone:

(850) 934-8444

Reach Us By Email:

Tyler Johnson
Corporate Sales Executive
[email protected]

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"It is a really fun, quirky way to get information out and people have always commented about that to me. We have our T-shirt toss and commercials, but it's really the bathroom wraps people love. The whole atmosphere of a game there is great. We are so thankful to have this as part of the Pensacola community." -Shawna Moore, Woodlands Medical Specialists, Marketing Coordinator

"From a sponsorship standpoint with Baptist Health Care and Doctor Andrews, I know it was a no brainer. We are able to continually push the message that Andrews Institute providers are available at multiple locations throughout Northwest Florida. That, to us, is very important, that we provide access to the same level of care that patients would get in Gulf Breeze throughout Pensacola. I think all the different ways we are able to push that is very important to us, whether it is with events, an ad in the program, or a sign on the video board."-Sean Sullivan, Andrews Institute, Marketing Manager

"It gives us a chance to really showcase our latest and greatest truck or Jeep. It has really grown us in a community aspect. We have become such a huge part of the Blue Wahoos community, which is such a big part of the Pensacola community, and we have been able to partner in every avenue. It has really grown both of our businesses. We know they are going to take care of us."-Allie Smith, Hill-Kelly Dodge, Marketing Director