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Team-Building Activities at Dow Diamond

Team-Building Activities: Our Team Can Help

Your employees work hard to help meet your customers' and clients' needs and make your business a success. When it comes to rewarding them, there are many options, but few have the impact of a team-building activity. When people think of traditional team-building activities, they may imagine employees sitting around in a room, eating pizza and chatting. While this will get coworkers out of their offices, visiting the Great Lakes Loons at Dow Diamond Stadium in the Great Lakes Bay Region provides a much better atmosphere that will help colleagues unwind and really get to know one another. Let's look at the benefits of treating your team to a Minor League Baseball outing.

How Can Team-Building Activities Help Your Company?

Spending all week together in the workplace might seem like it helps colleagues get to know each other, but between meetings and scrambling to make deadlines, it takes more effort to really help coworkers bond. Team-building activities allow your employees to form relationships outside of the workplace, which not only helps them get closer to the people they spend most of their lives with, but also helps create a positive culture at your place of employment.

Planning a fun event is a great way for new employees to feel welcome and become a part of the team in a less formal environment. These activities also can be used to reward your company's success and hard work with exciting entertainment, food, and drinks that help coworkers break out of their shells. You can even make custom company hats or shirts to help promote your business when going to a public event, such as a baseball outing.

What Makes Minor League Baseball a Great Choice for Company Activities?

Going to the stadium generally means a sunny day or a warm night under the bright lights. In either case, a trip to the ballpark helps provide a great setting for a company event. The mix of indoor and outdoor spaces allows your team to kick back and relax or stretch their legs. Team-building events at a baseball stadium are also particularly good for families. Allowing team members to bring their families along lets them introduce their partners and children to their colleagues. This helps create a deeper bond between coworkers for years to come.

Baseball stadiums generally have a calm atmosphere, making them great for conversations. They're not so loud that employees can't chat, but there's just enough noise that there are no awkward silences – plus, there’s tons of in-game entertainment to keep everyone engaged. Minor League Baseball is especially good because it offers a sense of community, having everyone cheer on their local team.

Why Choose the Great Lakes Loons?

Bringing your team to a Great Lakes Loons game provides more than just a day or night of entertainment on the field. We offer special promotions every day, including Thirsty Thursday with 50% off draft beers, Fireworks Loontaculars, Feast Fridays, and more, helping everyone have a great time.

We also make the ticket-buying process easy for your group. Simply get an estimated headcount and reach out to one of our representatives. Then, let us know the final number two weeks before your outing and you'll only pay for those seats. When you attend a game at Dow Diamond, we'll even announce your company over the PA system and put your company name on the scoreboard, creating a special moment for the employees in your group.

Looking for more than tickets to the game? Check out our facility rentals if you want an event space to get your team together for a retirement party, company award show, or holiday party.

Build a Strong Team with Help from Great Lakes Loons

Team-building activities shouldn't be taken for granted and heading to Dow Diamond to see the Great Lakes Loons in action is a great way to have fun while keeping your employees engaged and entertained. If you're in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan and are looking to get your team excited for a company get-together, reach out to one of our representatives today, or check out our specialty ticket packages for a one-of-a-kind experience.