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Wedding Venues in Midland, MI

Making the Most of Dow Diamond as a Wedding Venue

There’s much that goes into planning a wedding. After settling on a date and creating a rough estimate of the guest list, the venue is the next decision couples need to make. Deciding where to celebrate your love is an important choice because it will forever be ingrained in the memories of you, your partner, and your loved ones in attendance.

Baseball lovers or anyone wishing to have their wedding in a unique location should consider allowing Dow Diamond to play host for their special day. The home of the Great Lakes Loons in the Great Lakes Bay Region offers soon-to-be newlyweds a full spectrum of amenities, as well as first-class accommodations to make their special day even more memorable. Here, we highlight the full advantages of choosing Dow Diamond as your wedding venue.

Reasons to Choose Dow Diamond as a Wedding Venue

Dow Diamond is a state-of-the-art facility that serves more than the hometown Loons. The stadium is available for facility rentals and can serve as the venue for a variety of events, including wedding ceremonies. Those deciding on hosting their wedding at Dow Diamond should consider the following advantages:

Ideal Location

When considering where to have your wedding, the location of the venue should be taken into account. A venue that is out-of-the-way or inconvenient for guests to reach can dampen the mood of the joyous day. Dow Diamond is located close to residents in Saginaw and Bay City, Michigan. The centralized location allows guests to easily make their way to help you celebrate. Additionally, the stadium features many entertainment and nightlife options in close proximity for guests who wish to keep partying after the reception.

Plenty of Room to Work With

Wedding parties and guest lists vary in size. Whether you wish to have a large wedding, or a small, intimate ceremony Dow Diamond can easily accommodate. With 20,000 sq, ft. of available enclosed event space, the stadium features areas for both small and large gatherings.

Personalized Menu Options

No wedding is complete without a delicious spread. The food served at weddings is often what guests talk about afterward as it directly contributes to the overall guest experience. Although the ballpark is known for its traditional burgers and dogs, couples can treat their guests to upscale cuisine. Our professional catering company works closely with soon-to-be newlyweds to plan and create a personalized menu. Before menu items are finalized, couples can sample all the food and beverages to ensure the menu is perfect. Our catering company can also tailor menus to accommodate any dietary restrictions, as well.

Customized Setting

Many couples choose to have a theme for their wedding. This requires the venue to be set up or decorated in a specific way. Although an event at the ballpark can be a fun experience, weddings require a sense of elegance and sophistication. Our team can alter event spaces to match your wedding theme and create your ideal ambiance or environment. Dining tables and chairs can be positioned in any arrangement of your choosing. Clients always have the final say over how the venue looks.

Event Planning throughout the Year

Even though a majority of weddings are traditionally scheduled during baseball season, couples can host their ceremony at the stadium at any point. Dow Diamond is a year-round event facility and although the team may be off, our front office staff is always hard at work.

Here Comes the Bride at Dow Diamond

Anyone looking to break away from a traditional wedding venue and have their ceremony at a unique location should consider Dow Diamond in the Great Lakes Bay Region. The stadium features several amenities to make your day one to remember. Our team will work closely with the bride and groom to ensure all aspects are perfect so the couple can enjoy their special day together. For more information about wedding venues in Midland, MI, at Dow Diamond or to book an event space today, reach out to Great Lakes Loons.