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Rain Policy

If It's Raining Before the Game...

While we like to say it never rains at Virginia Credit Union Stadium, it does occasionally. Also, please keep it mind that while it may be raining at your house, it may not be raining at the ballpark.

If it is raining at the ballpark before the start of a game, the FredNats grounds crew will be working hard to protect the field against the elements. The team will do everything it can to play all games. Please note that ALL GAMES ARE ON AS SCHEDULED, even if it’s raining outside. The decision to postpone a game due to inclement weather is typically made as close to the scheduled start time as possible. Every effort will be made to play all games on the originally scheduled date, at the originally scheduled time.

There are three ways to check the status of the game:

  1. FredNats Social Media Accounts: the FredNats Facebook Page (/fxbgnats) and Twitter (@fxbgnats) will be updated continuously regarding weather. Any official updates will be posted there.
  2. Call the FredNats Box Office at 540-858-4242.
  3. Check the FredNats website: any information regarding delays or postponements will be announced at the very top of the page.

If gates open and it starts raining before the game begins, fans will be kept up to date with public address announcements as well.

If It Begins to Rain During the Game...

If it begins to rain during the game and it becomes necessary to cover the infield, the umpires will call for the tarp. At this point, the game will enter a rain delay. FredNats staff will work with the umpires and league officials to determine the weather outlook for the rest of the day or evening. If they feel the weather will pass, the game will remain in a delay until play can resume. If they decide the weather won’t pass in a reasonable amount of time, the game will be declared a rainout.

If the teams have played five innings or more (or if the FredNats are winning after 4 ½ innings of play) and a rainout is declared, the game is considered official- the game is finished and will not continue at a later date.

If the teams have NOT played five innings (or 4 ½ if the FredNats are winning), then the game is suspended. Fans need to hold on to their tickets, as they can be exchanged to a future game as described below.

Rainout Ticket Policy

If a game is called due to weather or any other factor BEFORE the completion of an official game (5 innings or 4 ½ if the FredNats are winning), fans will be able to exchange their ticket for any FredNats regular season game during the current season. Exchanges must be done in person at the FredNats Box Office for a ticket of equal or lesser value, subject to availability.

There are no refunds or exchanges of expired tickets except as detailed above. If a game is declared official after 5 innings (or 4 ½ if the FredNats are ahead), there are no ticket exchanges.

If you have a group outing at a FredNats game and less than five innings (4 1/2 if the FredNats are winning) are played, you have three options:

(1) Call the FredNats Box Office to reschedule your group outing for any future regular season game of the same season. Group tickets must be exchanged in person at the box office at least two days prior to the future game you wish to attend and will be exchanged for tickets of equal or lesser value. No refunds will be given and tickets may not be upgraded.

(2) Group members may retain their tickets and exchange them individually for a future regular season game of the same season in accordance with the Individual Ticket policy outlined above.

(3) Tickets can be donated to the FredNats Community Relations Department to be distributed to local charitable organizations on your behalf.

Rain Terminology

Rain Delay

A game that is in a rain delay means that it will not be starting at the scheduled time. Play is expected to begin at a later time. Tickets cannot be exchanged in the event of a rain delay.


A game that is rained out or postponed will not be played on its scheduled date due to inclement weather. In the event this happens, your ticket will be good for any regular season game of the same season, and must be exchanged in person at the FredNats Box Office for a ticket of equal or lesser value, subject to availability.

Typically, games that are rained out are rescheduled to a doubleheader the next time the two teams meet. Please note that fans wanting to attend the rescheduled game MUST exchange their original ticket. Doubleheaders are single admission and fans will sit in the same seat for both games.


A game that is suspended due to inclement weather will resume from where it was halted at the next available date the two teams can play.


In the unlikely event the game cannot be played due to weather and there are no possible dates for the game to be rescheduled, the game will be canceled.

For more information, call 540-858-4242.

Parking Policy

Parking is nonrefundable and nonexchangeable for all rain delays, rain outs/postponements and cancelations.